A mischievous little dinosaur lands himself in one scrape after another in this charming, nearly wordless book.
Readers are invited to make their own narration and sound effects for this endearing dinosaur's hilariously disastrous day.

School Library Journal
...The plot is humorously appealing, if deceptively sophisticated.

Kirkus Reviews
...If young kids haven't already learned to exclaim 'Uh-oh' over some mishap, it's guaranteed they will after reading this entertaining romp....Since the term 'uh-oh,' which is virtually the only text, appears only seven times, the humor relies on the lively watercolor illustrations to create the visual narrative. They comically animate each episode almost like cartoon strips.
Other books with the same title are available--be sure to get this one too, with the impish, blue-spiked dinosaur, for bubbling good fun"

image from Uh-Oh! by Mary Newell DePalma
Check my fun page for Uh-Oh! puppets and coloring pages.

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