The Strange Egg is an original and whimsical tale of wonder, curiosity, and friendship.
A little bird finds something beautiful. What is is it? She listened, sniffed, and gently jiggled it. She peeked, pecked poked, and finally made a great noise to wake it up. She guesses it is a 'strange egg' so she sits on it.
Along comes a monkey...who knows what it is.

Illustration from The Strange Egg by Mary Newell DepalmaIllustration from The Strange Egg by Mary Newell DePalma

Publisher's Weekly
...DePalma's mixed media illustrations add a quirky post-modern flair to this tale of an unlikely friendship.
... carefully chosen words vividly evoke each scene (the bird "peeked, pecked, poked, and lightly pat-pat-patted;"
"They slurped, munched, squirted, crunched, and spit out the seeds")
.... This offbeat riff on the joys of the unexpected as well as the give-and-take of friendship is eggs-actly right.

Kirkus Reviews
...An odd little tale of fruit and friendship.
The strength here lies in the originality of DePalma's mixed-media illustrations,
which depict the bird as a plucky, wide-eyed innocent willing to take on the world.

... There is real humor in the illustrations, the highlight of the book being a spread where both eat
and then spit out the orange seeds with endearing verve.

School Library Journal
... The plot is deceptive in its simplicity, and yet it underlines issues important to children:
cooperation, friendship, using your individual talents, cause and effect, and nature.
...The text is simply constructed, one or two lines per page with vocabulary that is easy enough
for beginning readers. An endearing story for young readers and listeners.--Susan Marie Pitard

San Diego Union-Tribune
A monkey and a bird caretake an orange in this totally improbable yet wholly satisfying tale.
DePalma's illustrations are the reason why; They're whimsical in a fresh, new way that's economical
of color and line, but loaded with emotion. This is one of those rare books that grabs the reader and won't let go.

Illustration from The Strange Egg by Mary Newell DePalma
The Strange Egg has been translated into French and Korean!
Drole d’oeuf

translated by Rose-Marie Vassallo
Pere Castor Flammarion 2002/ISBN 2-08161215-1

Kumsung Publishing 2002/ISBN 89-07-02748-X

Illustration from The Strange Egg by Mary Newell DePalmaIllustration from The Strange Egg by Mary Newell DePalma

The monkey and the bird became friends and shared many, many oranges.

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