In this wonderful neighborhood, each child has a chair--a takeoff pad for the imagination and a comfy, safe space to return to. Revel in Betsy James's marvelous language and examine the illustrations to see what's new in this neighborhood!

Illustration from My Chair by Betsy James, illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma

When my dad washed the kitchen floor, he moved the chairs to the dining room. They were lined up around the walls,
like train cars! So we climbed in them and traveled in our imaginations. What do you do in your chair?

A chair is a ship, a fort, or something to sit on to protect one's ice cream from the dog
in this appealing original picture book.

...Imaginative vignettes, a genuinely childlike perspective, and absorbing illustrations
with an expressively drawn cast of characters distinguish this surprising flight of fancy.--Karin Snelson

School Library Journal
A diverse group of neighborhood children gathers together outdoors, each bringing a chair.
...The various seats include a cardboard box, a tire, a wheelchair, and even one fashioned out of tree logs.
As they wait, the youngsters imagine the different things that their perches can be.

...This unique book offers a lively depiction of community caring and imaginative play.--Marianne Saccardi

Kirkus Reviews
...Young viewers will pore over the actively posed figures and sometimes-surprising details
in DePalma's increasingly populous scenes--and also wonder about the large wrapped package
around which everyone is gathering.
...Here's another "just right" invitation to see the uncommon possibilities in commonplace objects.

Illustration from My Chair, written by Betsy James and illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma

What is happening in this picture?!

Sketch for My Chair, illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma
All of the characters in the book are people I know shrunk to kid-size!
This is one of my sketches for the book. Try drawing cartoons of your friends.

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