I like to make odd objects! I experiment with materials I have around the house. I've also included some of my knitting projects. What do you make?

.Porthole Little Free Library by Mary Newell DePalma

This is my Little Free Library! #Portholelibrary. Who knew you could order a porthole online for $11? I finally found a way to use the bathtub claw feet I had saved from our old tub, and the roof is made from CDs that were sitting unused in the office closet. Read my blog post and find out more! It was also featured on Chronicle, a TV program in New England. Watch it here. The segment about my Little Free Library beginsat about 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

Artist's book by Mary Newell DePalma, 2016

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum inspired this artist's book, constructed from fabric, plants, photos, and objects from the Palace. Watch this video I made this gift in December, 2015, to commemorate the tenure of ISGM Director Anne Hawley.


The skull lanterns are made from milk bottles, tissue paper and glue. I put a light inside, and voila! Lanterns.

I borrowed some designs from Latvian mittens to knit this baby sweater.
kleenex box

This is made with bits of colored paper cut out of magazines and glued onto a wooden tissue box form.

The assignment was to decorate a wooden snowflake...I made an ice skating papier mache mouse and knitted him a sweater. I think he was about 4" high.

I collect bits and pieces, broken things, flotsam and jetsam. Then I re-assemble...hours of fun!


Mittens are small and that is why I like to knit them! I have a book of Latvian patterns that I mix and match.

Odd Game

My latest odd object is a game. Domo-kun swings, knocks the marble off the stand. Then you manipulate the box to get the marble back onto the stand. He lives..

Odd GameBox

...in in the lid of this box!

Arthur A. Levine Lantern Logo
This is my interpretation of Arthur A. Levine's Lantern Logo.
Books illuminate--spiritually and intellectually. Thank you Arthur,
for publishing wonderful books!
Dragon Scarf
This dragon scarf was inspired by Grace Lin's book,
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
This hat has earflaps, teeth, and boots!

I have seen many objects become extinct, including diaper pins and telephone booths. I was thinking about time when I made this clock